ALVA response to the Budget

03 March 2021:
"I welcome the broadly positive package announced by the Chancellor today for the successful recovery of tourism and attractions . We had asked for a full year extension of the reduced level of VAT and Business rates relief and although we still believe that a full year's extension is necessary, we are pleased that our meetings with Ministers and Treasury officials have proved to be positive.
We also welcome the extended period of furlough which has been absolutely vital in giving a lifeline to many attractions which have been unable to open for long periods of time over the last year.

Finally we are very pleased that there will be an additional round of the Cultural Recovery Fund and special support for those indoor attractions, such as museums, galleries, theatres and performance venues, which are not able to reopen until at least mid-May. Tourism was hit first, hit hardest and will take the longest to recover so we are very pleased that the Chancellor recognises that fact and has listened carefully to our requests.

Our outstanding request is for an additional Bank Holiday at the end of September to thank the NHS and to enable visitor attractions, which have only been able to benefit from one Bank Holiday in the last year, to recover and repair their balance sheets."

Bernard Donoghue, Director, ALVA

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