COVID19 resources: Market Recovery, March 2020

ALVA commissioned research undertaken by David Edwards of Scattered Clouds on the recovery of markets post crises. March 2020 [more...]

The 2nd wave of visitor sentiment research , commissioned by ALVA and undertaken by Steve Mills of Decision House. Published 22nd May 2020

The 2nd wave of visitor sentiment research , commissioned by ALVA and undertaken by Steve Mills of Decision House. Published 22nd May 2020 [more...]

2004 - 2019 ALVA visitor figures; trends and drivers for visits. Undertaken by David Edwards for ALVA. Published 13th August 2020.

David Edwards of Scattered Clouds consultancy presented his ALVA-commissioned research in which he has looked at 15 years of our annual member visitor figures. He’s identified trends and insights and also created a data tool which you can use, free of charge, to interrogate the data and get what you need from our accumulated information. [more...]

Trends and Insights into drivers for visits to ALVA member attractions 2004 - 2019

Trends and insights into the drivers for visits to ALVA attractions between 2004 and 2019. Undertaken by David Edwards of Decision House. Published August 2020. [more...]

ALVA Forecasts and Insights research, September 2022

This newly commissioned research, undertaken by David Edwards of Scattered Clouds, for ALVA, was presented on 13th September 2022. [more...]

Latest wave of ALVA public sentiment research, undertaken by Decisions House published, showing greater consumer confidence and appetite to visit attractions.

The latest wave of public sentiment research, commissioned by ALVA and undertaken by Decision House, has been published today, 29th March 2023. It shows a growing consumer confidence on the part of the UK public, greater appetite and optimism to visit and revisit attractions and to spend their time in special places with special people. [more...]

The importance of Tourism to the UK

Tourism is one of the world’s largest and fasting growing industries. Research by the United Nations World Travel Organisation (UNWTO) shows that, despite the global economic crisis in 2008/9 and the current global economic slowdown, total international travel has increased at an average of 5% per annum over the last decade. [more...]


ALVA remains concerned that the fall in the UK's market share is partly attributable to a fall in its price competitiveness relative to other countries. This we contend is to some degree due to the high levels of taxation. [more...]

VAT on Property Repairs - Heritage Buildings

Another area of concern relates to the issue of VAT on property refurbishment in general and on repairs to historic properties in particular. We support the idea of reducing the rate to 5% to decrease the differential between the refurbishment of older properties and new buildings, and between VAT-registered and unregistered businesses. [more...]


Low skilled employees receive less training than highly skilled employees and many businesses, particularly small and micro businesses are reluctant to train, citing as chief constraints time, costs and the impact on the remaining staff. The result is that the industry lacks an on-going source of well-trained staff. Those businesses that do wish to invest in their staff through training continue to find that many of their competitors prefer simply to poach their staff instead. [more...]

Investment in VisitBritain

The Grant-in-Aid to VisitBritain has not increased for the past eleven years, which means, of course, a year-on-year cut. In addition, from April 2003 VisitBritain has had responsibility for the development and marketing of England to the British. [more...]

Social Infrastructure

The social environment in which tourism operates is of increasing concern. Public services in general have become noticeably inadequate. Both citizens and visitors have a right to expect and enjoy a safe and clean environment. London is of particular concern. [more...]

Gateway London

London has a clear 'gateway' role for England - stipulated in the Greater London Act. It also has a 'gateway marketing and packaging' relationship with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. For such key reasons, London needs adequate resourcing through strong investment in the necessary infrastructures as the capital destination. [more...]

Daylight Saving/Lighter Later

ALVA welcomes all proposals to advance time in England and Wales by one hour throughout the year (GMT + 1 hour in winter; GMT + 2 hours in summer). This measure would have considerable benefits for all industry, including tourism. [more...]

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