Latest wave of ALVA public sentiment research, undertaken by Decisions House published, showing greater consumer confidence and appetite to visit attractions.

The latest wave of public sentiment research, commissioned by ALVA and undertaken by Decision House, has been published today, 29th March 2023. It shows a growing consumer confidence on the part of the UK public, greater appetite and optimism to visit and revisit attractions and to spend their time in special places with special people.

The recovery in visitor admissions is likely to continue in the coming months, with audiences more likely to say they will visit attractions more often than they did during spring/summer last year.

There are also indications that appetite for visiting has improved slightly since September 2022, although there remains a notable minority saying they will visit less often – driven by deepening concerns about their own financial situation.

29% of the public now spontaneously mention financial concerns when asked how they feel about visiting attractions compared with 24% in September 2022, with 35-54 year olds and families most likely to mention these concerns.

There is increasing evidence that overall, the public are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel of their financial concerns. However, this is very much being led by those whose financial situation is better. Among the half of the public who feel worse off, the situation is if anything, worsening and the gap in visit confidence between the two groups is widening.

If attractions need to attract those who feel worse off, promoting a ‘value’ message this spring / summer will be key – online discounts, vouchers, memberships / annual passes etc. – as low confidence turns into conscious actions to cut back.

Appetite for visiting free attractions appears to have accelerated and the negative impact on visiting paid attractions has stabilised, although again, has become slightly worse among those feeling worse off than a year ago
The outlook for memberships / season passes has improved slightly since September, with existing members now more likely to use and renew. Again however, this improvement is driven solely by those whose financial situation is more positive.

The return of longer overseas holidays and a diminished appetite for domestic holidays (especially short breaks in the shoulder seasons) is also likely to impact attractions reliant upon the staying away audience, although this may present opportunities for those with a more local, day trip audience.

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