Social Infrastructure

The social environment in which tourism operates is of increasing concern.

Public services in general have become noticeably inadequate. Both citizens and visitors have a right to expect and enjoy a safe and clean environment. London is of particular concern.

Central and local government need to ensure that adequate resources are allocated to these core, essential services. Local authorities play a key strategic and operational role in maintaining a high quality physical environment. They need to be adequately resourced to ensure that this responsibility is rigorously executed. The quality of the public realm is an important issue that must be addressed.

Yet with so many competing priorities, it is often the public space and amenities so important to tourists that are the first to face the cuts. Local tourism businesses are right to protest when yet another Public Convenience is closed through lack of public funding.

Furthermore, ALVA supports additional funding for the work of the Homelessness Directorate to address social and environmental blights of begging, vagrancy and homeless street sleepers. This battle has not yet been won.

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