2004 - 2019 ALVA visitor figures; trends and drivers for visits. Undertaken by David Edwards for ALVA. Published 13th August 2020.


David Edwards of Scattered Clouds consultancy presented his ALVA-commissioned research in which he has looked at 15 years of our annual member visitor figures. He’s identified trends and insights and also created a data tool which you can use, free of charge, to interrogate the data and get what you need from our accumulated information.

The Trends Report is in pdf format and looks at high-level trends (on a like-for-like basis) in the number of visits to ALVA sites whose data is in the public domain, as well as the ALVA Data Tool that David has created. The Data Tool works in Excel. It's been created to be as user-friendly as possible, so all users need to do is choose up to four sites for which they would like to see data, and once selected peruse this in table or chart format. There is a 'Welcome' tab with some basic instructions, and a Notes tab which provides some general notes as well as site-specific notes, with these being a direct copy of notes that have appeared on the ALVA site over the years.

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