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ALVA Condemns Government Dithering Over Tourism Minister's Role

06 September 2012: ALVA Director Bernard Donoghue today stated his profound disappointment and regret that the DCMS Tourism Minister John Penrose MP has stepped down in an apparent response to the Government's diminution of tourism's status and resources following a reduction in the size of the Department post-Olympics.

"John Penrose was an excellent Minister, advocate and champion for tourism and heritage across Government and we shall miss him. It is beyond belief that that the Government, which only two years ago pledged it's support for tourism as one of the main thriving and growing sectors of the economy, creating sustainable jobs at all skills levels across the country, has not only managed to lose an able Minister but intends to reduce it's support to Britain's 6th biggest industry."

"The reshuffle was predicated around getting a Government which backed economic growth; not having a dedicated Minister for the UK's 3rd largest employer who can lead the campaign to realise the tourism benefits of hosting the Olympics and Paralympic Games is an economic and political failure to invest in our future."

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